Cloud Computing Usage In Real World

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Hi guys. Today in this article I am going to talk about the practical usage of cloud computing in real world. As we live in a digital era which is developing day by day many industries have adopted cloud computing to improve their services towards the society. So in this article I am going to talk about some of those industries which have adopted cloud computing. So you might wonder what is this cloud computing. No need to worry. I will give a brief introduction about cloud computing first of all. So lets see what is cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Basically cloud computing is something that take part in delivering hosted services over the internet. Simply cloud computing is a thing which delivers services like servers, databases, software etc to the users over the internet. When we use cloud computing we have to pay only for what we use. It has this facility pay-as-you-go pricing which is really advantage to the user. Another thing is that we can access as many resources as we need in a very short period of time. When we use cloud computing if we have internet we can access applications and services from any device. There are so many companies which use cloud computing. For an example we can identify companies like Amazon, Google.

Practical Usage of Cloud Computing in Real World

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Cloud computing has been rapidly growing in the modern world. In the present society most of the organizations and industries have adopted cloud computing. For an example medical industry, agriculture industry, human resource management system, education system etc. So now let us see the cloud computing usage in those real world industries and organizations.

Medical Industry

Recently the health care system has approached a very developed level by using cloud computing. Before these things patients had to visit doctor and get reports from different places and take prescriptions no matter how their condition is. But if the patient could stay at home and send relevant details to the hospital (to the doctor or nurse) this task is much easier. Now this procedure has become a reality with the cloud computing. That means the all the data regarding health is collected from the patient using several devices like wearable sensors and those information is stored in the cloud. Then the doctors or other authorized people can use that data whenever they want. So basically the cloud computing allows health care sectors to store all their data avoiding the cost for the extra physical servers. Moreover this cloud computing allows health care sectors to increase or decrease the data storage depending on their patient’s records. Another important thing is that cloud providers help health sectors to increase the security of their data. This is because cloud computing includes automation of backups and recovery options.

Ex: clear Data, Dell’s Secure Healthcare Cloud, IBM cloud

Education System

Another place where we can find cloud computing usage is education system. Same as mentioned in health care system in the education system too if the teachers can share things like assignments, tutorials, lessons into the cloud then student can access those reading materials , assignments and homework whenever they have an internet connection without meeting each other. It is much easier and efficient. Moreover it lighter the backpacks of the students which they are carrying everyday to school. Sounds interesting right? With the cloud computing this has become a reality. The students can collaborate with their batch mates and engage in group activities without being in the same classroom. In the present society more and more students are using i Pads and laptops instead of notebooks and textbooks. Not only students even the teachers are using online platforms to assign tasks and homework. Now in most of the countries like India they use cloud computing in their education system. This helps students to gather all the information which they require from one place and even for the teachers too it’s easy to put assignment in one place so everyone can get that without any effort. Moreover to deliver the best education it is important to have this technology in schools and all other institutions. This provides security to the data so it’s important to students as as teachers as they may share sensitive information between each other.

Ex: Slide Rocket, Ratatype, Amazon Web Services

Information Technology Industry

Another important field where cloud computing is being used is IT industry. Recently the cloud computing has been causing a major shift in the IT industry. In IT industry many of the things like big data management, live server, live testing, pre-installed libraries, applications are now powered by the cloud computing. Simply now a days the development environment is ready made. We just have to pay per use and license. It helps to reduce the cost and most importantly this enables great user experience. Moreover this plays a big role in increasing the profit.


Not only in industries even the governments also tend to use cloud computing these days. For an example we can see the U.S government as early users of cloud computing. The government tends to use cloud computing because of the security and most importantly because the data is protected. Unlike stored in hardware when data is stored in cloud it’s recoverable even if data can be get damaged from incidents like natural disasters.

HR Workplace

Another place which has adopted cloud computing is modern HR Workplace. Now a day people don’t have to come to workplace to do their job. Employees can remotely do their job. This is really helpful for the people who have infants and others problems at household. Moreover this is also environment friendly because it reduces the vehicles on road that drive to their workplace. Another thing is that the owners don’t have to pay highly for the hardware. All what they have to provide is a good internet connection and laptop.So this cloud computing helps to reduce the cost. And another thing is that HR departments usually deal with sensitive information. This information can be securely stored in a remote server. Therefore there is no risk in loss of information even though companies experience any disaster like natural disaster pr man made disaster. In case of emergency if anything happen cloud computing application providers back up information and they take care of the upgrades.


In the present society even the banking sectors also have started implementing cloud computing.By using cloud computing the bankers can directly connect with their users. The emerging digital services help to maintain the customer relationships anytime whenever there is internet connection, through cloud computing. With the help of cloud computing they have started many new things like new ways for lending, new ways of savings, new ways of making payments etc. This has been a great help for both the bank account owners and bankers as this help to reduce the time and the effort for both parties. So this cloud computing has increased the efficiency in the industry. As cloud computing helps securing data the banking industry has been adapting cloud computing to their industry in this digital era.

As above mentioned these days many of the industries are using cloud computing and it has become a trend. Not only these mentioned industries there are so many other fields too where the cloud computing is being used. We can see many popular organizations where they use cloud computing to improve their performance. As an example we can see Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Apple etc.

Likewise I mentioned above there are so many practical usages of cloud computing. So guys stay tuned for many more interesting articles like this.

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